Have you ever been to the gym and felt like you had NO idea what you were doing? Or looked to your left/right and mimicked some of the workouts hoping you were doing it correctly? Or even hoped some compassionate soul would invite you to their workout session? What about that super fit crew that you always run into at the gym and wish they would take you under their wing and show you a few things?  We all have been there.  You have to give yourself some credit. The HARDEST part is showing up!  Kudos to those who wake up and serve as their own motivation to wake up, show up at the gym and do the damn thing- it’s a combination of physical and mental dedication. It takes some time, but IT CAN BE DONE.

I consider myself to be a newbie. For YEARS I spent most of my time at the gym (on the treadmill) and tryin’ to look cute. There were barely any changes. I was still sucking in my stomach for photos or taking it at the right angle (ya’ll know what I’m talking ‘bout ladies!) You gotta get down and dirty to achieve the results you want to achieve. You will shed some tears, and A LOT of trial and error, but your consistency and personal fitness goals will serve as the motivation to complete that extra rep, wake up at 5 am for that morning jog, or call up your homegirl/ bros for an impromptu session because you need extra support that day. 



Now, when it comes to Moi, my body has been my biggest insecurity. Some days I love my shape in bodycons (You wouldn't believe how much I own!) and other days, I want to take off some ass to fit into my pants from the Victoria Beckham x Target collection (Which STILL do not fit... YET!). While my initial goal was to look sexy in my wedding dress, it turned into a change in lifestyle. Not only do I want to look good, I want to FEEL good. I want to break the generational cycle of poppin' pills due to high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol- the list goes on. By no means am I an expert in fitness or health, but what I do know is if I have to put the Pernil down for some Quinoa in order to contribute to healthier living I am going to do just that. (Don't knock Quinoa till you tried it!) Although at times I may feel like I'm doing too much, I always have to remind myself this lifestyle is not a sprint, it’s more of a marathon.

Think of Health Is Wealth Lifestyle as training for that Marathon. A group of dedicated individuals who you may or may not know that are making a collective effort in working out and reaching their goals one workout at a time. Workouts should be fun and challenging, which is why Lindell and Andel encourage members to step outside of your comfort zone. You should (and will) be able to walk in ANYWHERE and DOMINATE.  From Runyon Canyon to Tonehouse, the road to lookin’ like a snack should be fun. So it’s time to stop liking Instagram posts from #FitBae and make it happen. We’ve been waiting for you. Let’s Get This Work.



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