Our Role In Covid-19

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the world, each one of us has an important role to play in preparing ourselves and our families for significant disruptions, and upholding our civic duty to help prevent further outbreaks. If we each do our part, we can help lessen the risk for everyone — for the elderly, sick, hospital caretakers, and those who lack the resources or time to prepare themselves. We can save lives. 

As a fitness lifestyle brand, we understand the importance of being active, going to the gym, & living your best healthy life, and as we self quarantine, we want to encourage our community to continue to stay active. If you find yourself looking for ways to stay active, visit our IG page @HealthIsWealth_Lifestyle to check out all the virtual workouts we’ll provide, along with healthy food options, ways to practice mindfulness, and workouts that the entire family can do. 

We’d also like to ask that you take a few practical steps to protect yourself and your family, and help prevent further outbreaks.

  1. Please, please, please work from home, or stay home and rest if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, of any kind. Doing so will make it easier for everyone to confidently come to the office without fears of getting sick. And, do not return to work until you have fully recovered.
  2. If you haven’t already (& feel comfortable doing so), get a flu shot. The flu shot not only reduces your risk of having to go to a doctor, it also helps prevent you or someone else getting the flu and COVID-19; having two chronic illnesses at once can drastically worsen outcomes.
  3. Stock up now on non-perishable foods so you are prepared in the event of a local quarantine or if you are required to stay home for an extended time. Buy things you would eat anyway and save yourself a few extra trips to the grocery store! Rice, beans, salsa, ramen, some sort of cooking oil, oatmeal, nuts, and dried or canned fruits and vegetables can be purchased at relatively little cost and take up fairly little space. Ready.gov also recommends securing a two-week supply of water.
  4. Check your medicine cabinet. Make sure you have all your prescriptions (ideally a four-week supply), and stock up on your favorite cold, cough, stomach, and herbal remedies. Avoiding the pharmacy will also help keep you away from people who may be contagious.
  5. Soap. Hand Sanitizers. Soap. Hand Sanitizers. (Repeat!) If there’s one thing you want to ensure you have in inventory, it’s soap and hand sanitizers.


Here are a few reliable resources to learn more about the Corona virus and to stay up to date on any changes: 






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