Why is the topic of mental health such a taboo in the black community? If it were up to me, the perfect reality would be everyone in therapy. Point blank. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what your upbringing was or how much money or power you have - #EveryoneNeedsTherapy. Let’s make it a hashtag! But seriously, mental health is a topic that I’m extremely passionate about it. Aiding in the education of it is part of my mission here & nothing or no one can stop me from what I’m called to do. I get stimulated from engaging in conversation about healing from within, facing our darkest shadows and doing the inner work. Who’s riding the wave with me?

Let’s face it. We all deal with stress, trauma and loss. Sometimes, venting to a friend or loved one just isn’t enough. While attending psychotherapy is a great solution, there are other ways to tend to our mental health – especially for my people of color dealing with historical trauma and suppression in constant pursuit of freedom. If you can relate, keep reading for a 3 ways we can stop the cycle of mental health being a taboo topic. There’s power in numbers & it’s time we break the stigma of always needing to be “strong” and normalize catering to our mental health.



1| Meditation - in order to manifest the life we truly desire, we must feel good about the life we live today. Practicing the art of mindfulness through meditation aides in controlling our thoughts, improving concentration, developing emotional intelligence, and gaining mental clarity. For the last few years, I’ve been using an app called Headspace and you can try it free for 10 days. I can almost guarantee you’ll want to invest in this app afterwards.

2| Declutter - as a black female minimalist, my eyes have been opened to the connection between over-consumption [of things & people] and emotional turmoil. Though the lifestyle is unique for everyone, the idea is to live a simpler life, removing what no longer serves us and it goes beyond just getting rid of our physical stuff. The practice can encourage us to create healthier habits – physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally. For me, this mindset has instilled a great amount of internal spiritual awareness, together with the importance of an overall decluttered and intentionally protected space. Trust that as our external experiences influence our internal make-up, our minds organically become serene and clear. Looking for ways to incorporate minimalism into your life? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me here. Can’t wait to hear from you.

3| Physical Well-Being – exercise, drink water, eat clean & repeat. Oh and go see a chiropractor. I’m sure by now we all know how important it is to be physically active [whether it be yoga, weightlifting, cross-training or whatever tickles your fancy] - it’s just a matter of being discipline to start and stay consistent. If you’ve never seen a chiropractor, what are you waiting for? Chiropractic care can help to align your spine → which houses your nervous system → which is your body’s master system → which is super important to keep healthy. It can also keep those chakras balanced, too. Learn more about chakras here. Oh yeah, friendly reminder to EAT CLEAN.

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