Finding Bliss in Working Out!

"Health is Wealth" is a saying that can have several meanings depending on who you ask.  For some, health is physical health, mental health, and emotional health.  While wealth can be measured by the amount of money you have, where you are spiritually, and of course by the relationships you have with yourself and others.  For me, the term Health is Wealth creates a serious motivating force of being the best you can be by putting yourself first. In essence, it reminds me of practicing self-care in a mindful manner to ultimately obtain happiness. 


It has taken me awhile to put myself first and focus on my health.  Growing up, I was the girl who signed up for the gym, got on the treadmill, and felt miserably bored until I decided that I got a good enough workout in and called it a day.  I was also the girl who wasted time thinking about what others were thinking of me while I was working out (mostly because I felt like I was using the machines incorrectly). Looking back, I think that was the problem.  I was working out for the wrong reasons and clearly investing my time and money in activities that I truly did not enjoy or appreciate at the time.

So what did I do?  I made a list of the different types of workouts I enjoyed and then moved on to looking up gyms that were within my budget and offered group classes I liked.  I ultimately signed up to New York Sports Club, since it offered classes that were captivating and during times that I would actually be able to go to. I remember the first time I walked into a kickboxing class!  The room was jam-packed, I didn’t know anyone, and to be honest I was rusty with my moves.   But I did it, I completed the class and I went back for more!  I then signed up for a few other group classes at the gym, challenged myself each time, and found wealth at the gym!


For me focusing on my health brought me so much more than fitting into a smaller dress size.  It brought me excitement, friendships, a sense of calmness, physical challenges, and personal victories.  It also opened the door for me to explore other workouts by giving me confidence! These days, I get my fitness on by visiting studios all around NYC thanks to my dearly beloved class pass!  I now have a zumba class that I am obsessed with (#shoutout to the Alvin Ailey Extension!), a rowing class that challenges me, and a cycling class that allows me to go home feeling accomplished as hell!   

Stepping into a fitness studio or gym is a choice that I make each time.  To be honest, there are some days that I rather stay in bed or hit up a happy hour.  However, there has never been a time that I left the gym thinking, I wish I had skipped this workout.   That is my motivating force! Working out is now part of me and I encourage everyone who is on a fitness journey to try new things and find a method of physical activity that excites you and brings you wealth!

-Edyrelis "Edy" Vargas, Contributing Blogger, Fitness & Wellness Enthusiast, Founder of The Goal Is Bliss.  

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